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SemegaChange announces its new partnership with MyAuntiJi

SemegaChange announces its new partnership with MyAuntiJi

Leila Biola Olukoga

Oct 18, 2023

MyAuntiJi declares its collaboration with SemegaChange

This September, SemegaChange solidified its partnership with MyAuntiJi to organize events, partnerships, and more for the upcoming months. MyAuntiJi is an Indian grocery delivery service based in Manhattan that works to uplift the Indian community through its work. 

MyAuntiJi’s sponsorship and partnership with SemegaChange works to advance its mission to support BIPOC Women in STEM-focused on cultivating change while engaging in efforts that advance societal and environmental change. 

SemegaChange CEO Niouma Semega has expressed her excitement for the new partnership.

“I’m super excited to have other POC ran-brands partner with us to push forward our mission. We look forward to partnering with POC organizations, businesses, etc. to help push SemegaChange goals.” 

Some prospective events between the two organizations include co-sponsorship for the SemegaChange Gala and Synergy Symposium: The Fusion Between Art and Engineering with SemegaChange’s past feature Yelissa Lopez with her business Upcomers.

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