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SemegaChange held its first interdisciplinary symposium

SemegaChange held its first interdisciplinary symposium

Leila Biola Olukoga

Nov 26, 2023

SemegaChange partnered with Upcomers Corp to host the “Synergy Symposium: The Fusion Between Art and Engineering”

SemegaChange held its first symposium, “Synergy Symposium: The Fusion Between Art and Engineering,” on Nov. 3 at 6 p.m. at NYU Palladium Hall. The symposium showcased the intersections of the creative and engineering industries through an exhibition, panel discussion, and dinner.

The symposium had interdisciplinary panelists from fashion designers to engineers, showcasing the integration of the humanities and STEM-related disciplines. 

Panelists included Safa Elzbir, Jwalt, Lucas Hunter, and more. 

SemegaChange CEO Niouma Semega said that the selection of panelists was important in ensuring the combination of both STEM and Liberal Arts in the event.

“Selecting each panelist was very intentional because it made the event much more valuable,” Semega said. “The discourse was [also] very intriguing because we wanted to make sure the audience was also immersed in the conversation. We allowed them to interrupt to ask the panelists questions which made the event feel more homey.” 

The symposium partnered with Upcomers Corp, a creative agency that represents black and minority designers, and MyAuntiJi, a current partner of SemegaChange. Upcomers Founder Yelissa Lopez said partnering with SemegaChange effectively portrayed the intersectionality of creative and tech-inspired minds. 

“Our mission was to explore the intersection between the creative industry as well as tech in order to break the barrier that both sides feel in their inability to pursue both [fields] or to feel accomplished in one or the other,” Lopez said. “We wanted to break that stereotype and motivate people to integrate both areas into their current passions.” 

Lopez said the event demonstrated both the intersectionality of creativity and STEM as well as the strength of collaboration between women.

“[This event] shows how much better it is to work with another woman because [Semega] is catching everything that I’m missing,” Lopez said. “This was truly a collaboration that felt 50-50; we both really took on the entirety of this event which allowed us to make something beautiful out of it.” 

Semega said that the event’s success allowed attendees to foster connections and knowledge about the engineering and creative industries through conversations, performances, and games. 

“[Many] people left the event connecting with someone and that’s really my goal in any event,” Semega said. “Making connections is invaluable and [is] one of the best things you can do and I’m so glad that our event allowed people to do that.”

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