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SemegaChange launches its annual membership

SemegaChange launches its annual membership

Leila Biola Olukoga

Sep 27, 2023

SemegaChange to begin adding members to its Empire

SemegaChange launched its membership for women in STEM to join the SemegaChange Empire this past month. The membership, which is to be renewed every six months, includes exclusive benefits for members such as career development and opportunities for women to expand their network. 

Some of the benefits of being a member include joining the annual scholarship, where the money contributed to SemegaChange as a member can be fully reimbursed if they apply and win the scholarship. The membership exposes women of the Empire to vast and exclusive volunteer and work opportunities such as SemegaChange’s partnership with NYU Langone this fall. 

Career guidance will also be provided by experts and current members of the Empire. Currently, SemegaChange’s working partnership with SCORE, a non-profit organization that provides business advice for students, will grant members of the Empire exclusive access to working with the organization.

Members will automatically be subscribed to the smiling lists which have all upcoming events, networking opportunities, etc. 

Members will also have access to working alongside and in partnership with SemegaChange staff by tabling meetings where discussions are held about potential events, partnerships, and scheduling. This grants members an opportunity to go to astounding universities such as Columbia University and New York University to establish rapport with collaborators and make a presence for themselves.

Giveaways are held every few months from sponsors where members will automatically be entered and have the chance to win cash, prizes, and more. 

Join the annual SemegaChange membership now and become a member of the Empire!

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