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SemegaChange Partners with NYULangone Tisch Hospital

SemegaChange Partners with NYULangone Tisch Hospital

Niouma Semega

Aug 20, 2023

SemegaChange has partnered with NYULangone to accept girls from our empire to be admitted as volunteers to provide experience and diversify the volunteering pool at NYULangone.

SemegaChange is partnering with NYULangone to provide BIPOC women within the SemegaChange community an exclusive opportunity to volunteer at an inpatient or out-patient program. This partnership was created to allow the selected participants gain relevant experience towards their career while also diversifying the volunteer pool at NYULangone.

Volunteers are required to commit a minimum of 150 hours of service. This is completed through one, 4 hour shift weekly for 7 months. Please note that this opportunity is unpaid but counts towards community service hours and experience to add to your resume for aspiring medical professionals!

Those chosen to participate will be representing the SemegaChange empire!

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