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SemegaChange Takes Runner-Up for MyUNiDAYS 2023 Student Woman of the Year

SemegaChange Takes Runner-Up for MyUNiDAYS 2023 Student Woman of the Year

Leila Biola Olukoga

Sep 8, 2023

SemegaChange awarded $1000 for the “2023 Student Woman of the Year” campaign.

SemegaChange has placed second in the MyUNiDays “Student Woman of the Year” campaign for college and graduate students worldwide, receiving a grand total of $1,000 directed toward the organization. This campaign worked to highlight female college students who were changemakers in their communities and provide them with discounts to fund their goals. 

MyUNiDays is a discount brand from the United Kingdom that aids with discounts for college and graduate students. Through its various campaigns and competitions, MyUNiDays provides varying discounts for students with specific interests, goals, and ideas. 

According to Fox News, 1 in 5 UNiDAYS student members say they currently have a side hustle and are looking for financial support to fund these aspirations.

Specifically, within the “Student Woman of the Year” campaign, MyUNiDays sought female college and graduate students looking “to break boundaries and embrace diversity within their communities.” By submitting a 60-second video describing these ambitions, SemegaChange CEO Niouma Semega placed second in the competition.

Semega said that the funds she won through the campaign allowed her to establish SemegaChange as an official non-profit organization.   

“Landing the Top Seven list and then being top three for the ‘MyUNiDays Student Woman of the Year 2023’ was not only a great motivating source but also a win for the STEM empire,” Semega said. “We were able to use the funds to complete our paperwork and as of late July, SemegaChange has officially been registered in New York State as a non-profit.” 

Semega said that through various competitions and campaigns, she hopes to continue to support and collaborate with more women in STEM. 

“With more investments and funding like the ‘Student Woman of the Year’ opportunity, SemegaChange would have the funds to accelerate and proactively execute our mission,” Semega said. “We simply hope to provide any and all resources to BIPOC women to give them the stepping stone to succeed in their STEM-driven education, projects, or businesses.”

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