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A developing empire of Black & Women of Color cultivating change through the intersectionality of their identity and passion for STEM for environmental & societal change.


Create a network for black & women of color in STEM to be commemorated and acknowledged for their work

Financially support and provide resources to these women to execute projects and businesses to the best of their ability.

  Celebrate & honor a woman of color in STEM by publishing an article & featuring in our heritage month campaigns



My name is Niouma Semega and I am the CEO of SemegaChange! My story begins with my journey as a woman in STEM when I invented a novel invention  that extracts harmful chemicals from the ocean like mercury and nitrate for bodies of water, at the age of 17. I've competed in numerous science fairs and was a gold and silver medalist. As well as a regional winner of the most prestigious water prize, Sweden's Stockholm Junior Prize. I've had several experiences being a female in STEM through science conventions, events, and competitions. As a person who finds passion and joy in these spaces I also noticed that women were under supported and underrepresented, especially POC woman. I created this platform to create a community that appreciates women aspiring to find a place in male dominated fields. My inspiration for creating SemegaChange is the yearn to live a life where there is limited struggle from people in my community to be true leaders and change makers of the issues that exist withing their communities, therefore I decided to take initiative and to make a change!


Dakshi S

Media Manager



Brand Manager






Production Manager


Tyla B

Business Manager

Meet the Team


The media management works and handles content on all digital platforms and plans what type of content is displayed to enhance the company’s desirability.


The eventmanagement plans and decides the next steps to enhance the company’s progression. The management essentially focuses on planning activities, conferences, retreats, campaigns and more.


The management takes care of the creative, artistic, photographic, and visual aspects of the company. Fulfilling and executing ideas from the other managements and creating innovative content to attract people to the company.


The treasury management handles all the financial aspects of the company. The management takes care of the transactions, budget, investments, purchases, and more.

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